»Alas, in order to restore a old church in a proper and just fashion it is not sufficient to be a certified architect or to have adopted the occupational title of architect nor is it enough to have achieved a certain level of workmanship by having built a concert hall or a playhouse, an armoury or a palace, a town hall or another church - even if the latter could rightfully be called a masterpiece. For the restoration of an old church more skill is needed than mere genius, more endurance than mere wealth of spirit, more scrupulousness than mere enthusiasm. The task will promise more honour than yield, yet more unpleasantness than honour to those who have the fortitude to take it upon them. A restoration is rather an an act of sacrifice, of self-abandonment than it is a mere calling.«
(Ludovic Vitet, 1852)

Diploma thesis of Philipp Neumann

Bild Gitarrenrestaurierung